Friends of Patrick O'Shenanigan

Gifts Established:

  • Patrick O'Shenanigan Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund | Est. 2014
The University of Tulsa alumni Iming Chang (BSBA '14, Energy Management), Allen Greenlief (BS '13, Electrical Engineering), Justin Helt (BS '14, Electrical Engineering), Evan King (BS '13, Physics), William LePage (BS '13, Mechanical Engineering), Kevin Meier (BS '13, Computer Science and Mathematics; MS '14, Computer Science), Jordan Occena (BS '13, Engineering Physics), Tyler Pansa (BS '13, Geosciences), Rick Shipley (BS '13, Electrical Engineering; MS '14, Electrical Engineering), Marcus Winter (BS '13, Chemical Engineering), Luke Wittenbach (BPE '15, Geosciences), Sara Lewis (BS '13, Economics and Environmental Policy) and Kevin Buettner (BS '15, Chemical Engineering) are loyal supporters of their alma mater who are committed to promoting excellence and opportunity in higher education. 

These alumni have wonderful memories of their college days at TU, including their participation in many shenanigans. They all have launched fulfilling careers in their fields, and they wished to make the same opportunity available to the students following in their footsteps at TU. As a result, the group pooled their resources to establish The Patrick O'Shenanigan Scholarship Endowment Fund, which will provide financial assistance to deserving TU students while also paying tribute to the happy times and shenanigans that these friends enjoyed while they were students on TU’s campus.

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